A successful website can be very simple. That is because it only takes two elements, my knowledge and your dedication. And only 5 steps.
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No more than 5 steps:
  More than 15 years of experience in:  
Step 1 Together we'll think of a good domain name. That won't be hard because the best domain names are usually very obvious. You can then register the chosen domain name (together with a small hosting package) simply at One.com.
Step 2 You send me the text you want to appear on your website. As well as any images and pictures. And a list of about 20 keywords, based on which your site should be found in the future.
Step 3 I will create a website for you, which is technically suitable to be properly indexed by search engines. A website that is also recognizable for future visitors. And which in terms of appearance will be different compared to the competition.
Step 4 After your approval we put the site online. I will take care of an optimal submission at Google.
Step 5 There is the base for your successful website! Now is the moment for me to give you a specified manual to make your website that actual big success.
Analysis of existing websites - Distinctive webdesign - Beautiful headers - Promotional banners - Search Engine Optimization - Appealing Photos - Logos - House Styles - Flyers - Brochures - DTP
It's that simple. Call or email now. Within a few weeks your successful website can be online.
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